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> Lets see if the interest is still there after the 2nd or 3rd rerun of the
> show. I can't believe that they're showing the whole show in 10 straight
> weeks. Sure it's great for the fans, but people will lose interest if the
> only Gundam on TV is reruns. Showing one episode a week would keep fan
> interest for a much longer time. Will fans really want model kits in 3-4
> months?

Well, Dragon Ball Z has been on TV for a few years now and they still haven't
finished up the series, its 200 some episodes, but they show the same set of
episodes over and over, until more new (at least in the US) DBZ is shown.
So, I like it better when a whole series is run to its end and then rerun,
instead of reruns in the middle of the series. Since they are going to show
GW all the way through, all they have to do is re run the whole thing over a
couple times. I see no problems to keep them from re running GW.


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