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To Phil and the rest:

Why don't you guys recommend some of the better kits out there? Like an MG
model for instance or an HGUC kit like the Hyaku-Shiki? I mean, there are
tons of other kits to choose from that are waaaaay better than the Wing
kits... It might spur interest for UC Gundam as well...

Hehe... :) I wonder how those fans would react if they knew that a 1/60 kit
existed of the Wing...

Oh yeah, I read someone's post here about the tallgeese. Are they selling
Endless Waltz kits on Toys'R'Us. Are they marketing the Endless Waltz kits


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> I've got the same problem you do Core - my email box is full of Wing fans
> wanting model kits & modelling tips - except the emails have been coming
> since the show first aired (Type in "gundam model" into Yahoo's search
> page - my site is the first web page match). I've had to resort to
> out a form letter listing a number of model sources I know about
> (Animenation, splashpagecomics, HLJ & ebay). I know that from talking to
> these people that all the web sources have dried up - if you want a kit
> right now ebay is the only place to get it.
> Lets see if the interest is still there after the 2nd or 3rd rerun of the
> show. I can't believe that they're showing the whole show in 10 straight
> weeks. Sure it's great for the fans, but people will lose interest if the
> only Gundam on TV is reruns. Showing one episode a week would keep fan
> interest for a much longer time. Will fans really want model kits in 3-4
> months?
> Phil
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> > Ever since the Wing model commercial aired, I have been getting on
> > an email a day asking if I could tell them where to find Wing kits. I
> > sure Mark and other webmasters are getting even more. Some are saying
> > that most places are sold out. Who could have foreseen that? :)
> >
> > I have sold a few kits on the net before, but I don't have the heart to
> > charge people more than the N. American retail average, and that means
> > profit is too small to justify my time. If any of you have stocks of
> > kits, I will happily refer these Wing fans to you.
> >
> > Wing kits must be making a killing on eBay these days.
> >
> > (I am still hoping someone would rip the Wing model commercial into an
> > avi, mov or something. It must be damn good.)
> >
> > There's hope for Gundam in America yet ^_^
> >
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