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> Tomonaga wrote:
> > It's a very common phrase among the Universary Century pilots...
> > 'Ochiro!' for mobile suits, aircraft/small spacecraft
> > 'Shizume!' for big ships
> Do real life Japanese soldiers and pilots use these phrases? If you
> believe Top Gun, Aliens and other military/fantasy films, American pilots
> likes to mutter wisecracks in air.

I doubt it. Besides when was the last time they would have had a chance to
say something like probably get reprimanded if you fool around in
a simulator or in a training flight.

I would think that it is highly unlikely for any real pilot (in particular)
to say anything really personal/emotional before a real kill. Especially
when you consider that being cool, focussed, unemotional and generally 'ice
cold' gives you a great advantage. Also, as a result most people in this line
of business tend to have a really serious personality to begin with, and
wisecracking hot dogs are very few in between. And even most hotdogs will get
deadly serious under real fire.

The phrases seem perfectly suitable for general mobile suit combat but I
think it would have to involve specific equipment and situation for it to be
suitable using real military hardware. And even then you would probably only
say it because you were influenced by the media. Life imitating art and all


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