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>Ever since the Wing model commercial aired, I have been getting on average
>an email a day asking if I could tell them where to find Wing kits. I am
>sure Mark and other webmasters are getting even more. Some are saying
>that most places are sold out. Who could have foreseen that? :)
>I have sold a few kits on the net before, but I don't have the heart to
>charge people more than the N. American retail average, and that means the
>profit is too small to justify my time. If any of you have stocks of Wing
>kits, I will happily refer these Wing fans to you.

They seem to be flying off the shelves at my local Toys R Us. When I first
went in to take a look, they had about 50 or so 1/144 scale kits and around
2 dozen 1/100. Today, all they had only about 15 1/144 kits.

One thing I noticed, even back when they had a lot of kits they didn't have
much selection. They had a lot of two or three models (Shenlong, Deathsythe
Hell and Sandrock) and just one or two of the others. They didn't have any
Tallgeese kits at all, which it what I was looking for.

>Wing kits must be making a killing on eBay these days.
>(I am still hoping someone would rip the Wing model commercial into an
>avi, mov or something. It must be damn good.)
>There's hope for Gundam in America yet ^_^
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