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I've got the same problem you do Core - my email box is full of Wing fans
wanting model kits & modelling tips - except the emails have been coming
since the show first aired (Type in "gundam model" into Yahoo's search
page - my site is the first web page match). I've had to resort to mailing
out a form letter listing a number of model sources I know about
(Animenation, splashpagecomics, HLJ & ebay). I know that from talking to
these people that all the web sources have dried up - if you want a kit
right now ebay is the only place to get it.

Lets see if the interest is still there after the 2nd or 3rd rerun of the
show. I can't believe that they're showing the whole show in 10 straight
weeks. Sure it's great for the fans, but people will lose interest if the
only Gundam on TV is reruns. Showing one episode a week would keep fan
interest for a much longer time. Will fans really want model kits in 3-4


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> Ever since the Wing model commercial aired, I have been getting on average
> an email a day asking if I could tell them where to find Wing kits. I am
> sure Mark and other webmasters are getting even more. Some are saying
> that most places are sold out. Who could have foreseen that? :)
> I have sold a few kits on the net before, but I don't have the heart to
> charge people more than the N. American retail average, and that means the
> profit is too small to justify my time. If any of you have stocks of Wing
> kits, I will happily refer these Wing fans to you.
> Wing kits must be making a killing on eBay these days.
> (I am still hoping someone would rip the Wing model commercial into an
> avi, mov or something. It must be damn good.)
> There's hope for Gundam in America yet ^_^
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