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--- Tomonaga <> wrote:
> Anyway, I assume these are what you are talking
> about:
> Front view
> Back
> Banpresto used to have detailed info about these
> items at their website when they were first released

> but unfortunately they don't maintain an archive of
> old products.

In fact, the one toy that I saw so far from their site
is the SD Gundam DX set: Zaku II with all the gears +
broken face (scene from episode 1 of 0079 TV), and
that's it :(

> This particular product was a prize in the 'UFO
> Catcher' crane game. These things are actually
> stamps and not 'toys' so you have a legitimate
reason > for keeping them at your workplace : )

No wonder... thanks Tet!

> From what I read, the voice is activated when you
> load the stamp part into the bazooka. The stamp >
itself is compatible with Shachihata X Stamper Name >

i wonder if the stamp is included in the toy...

> As you surmised each figure is only capable of one
> short phrase:
> Gundam - 'Ochiro, Ochiro, Ochiro' - literary
> drop or go down, die etc...

Classic line, indeed! bit I thought this was the line
by Garma Zabi in 0079... I remember Char screamed
'Ochiro!' in Z Gundam when he was in desperation :)

> Char's Zaku 'Mitometaku nai mono dana...' - I do
> not want to accept it, or I do not want to
> acknowledge it etc... Char's one is an incomplete >
famous quote from the early episodes after his
> failure to stop the White Base and Gundam.
> 'Mitometaku nai mono dana ...wakasa yue no ayamachi
> to iu mono o' which means he does not really want to

> accept his own youthful exuberance.

I remember he said that in episode 3 after his Musai &
Papua supply ship was blitzed by Gundam and Whitebase,
and Garem the supply corp captain/Zaku I pilot was
killed. I still remember these line pretty well.

> The Char Zaku stamp will come in handy for putting
> the final seal on loan agreements etc... : )

You can say it again :)

> If you are a skilled crane game player then you can
> get both of these things for a couple of hundred
> yen. At the moment they seem to be going for about
> 700-1000yen each at auction and special retail
> outlets.

Each of the set are currenly sell @ HK$60.00 (or about
US$7.70) in Hong Kong. I think I'll get the Char's
Zaku because I like Ikeda voice a lot. Ochiro! Orhiro!

Thanks a lot Tet!


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