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Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:54:16 -0700

>For some reason I seem to remember reading that HLJ had aquired a new
>warehouse a few months ago, so I think they might keep their own stock of
>models. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard something along those

I dunno about a new warehouse, but they do have a warehouse as far back as
when the first part of the original Gundam TV series LD box came out.

Regarding the discussion on HLJ's slowness in shipping and the mentioning
that they ship UPS in bulk, here's what I dug out from an e-mail from them
a while ago:


>HobbyLink Japan uses a UPS shipment service known as "drop shipment." In
>order to keep costs as low as possible, rather then sending UPS a few
>packages every day, all our U.S.-bound orders for the week are combined
>into one large shipment which then heads for UPS' processing center in
>Kentucky. Although we send out e-mail shipping notices on the day we
>process your order for shipment, the parcel will sit in our warehouse
>waiting to be picked up for up to one week before it actually goes out,
>depending on which day of the week we pack your order.



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