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><< > >well, you have to understand that HLJ doesn't have a well organized
> > >inventory system, and they are just a small business (just 7 people
> running
> > >the whole thing) so they really don't have actual stock in their office,
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > http://www.hlj.com/misc/sthprof.html
> >
> > 'Nuff said. >>
>I belive thpse kits in the background are WW II, unless you can prove

Those are Patlabor kits right on top of Scott's head. Or maybe I slept
through my history classes and never learned that Labors were employed
during the Second Great War. ;)

If you think they are a "small business", then you should consider these

- if they "go out to stores and find the kits you ordered instead of keeping
  a stock in their offices" then why do they have these crazy sales, slashing
  prices off so frequently?

- they order kits by the CASE from Bandai directly. I sure know since they
  are cheap enough to "recycle" the containers which Bandai ships them the MG
  and PG kits in. While those might do the job for domestic Japanese
  shipping, boy do these thin cardboard cases not fare overseas shipping well.
  Newspaper might do if you are just ordering a few kits, but not when you
  are ordering multiple 4,000 yen MG kits or several PG kits. Rainbow Ten
  at least uses some padding not unlike the ones Amazon.com uses in their
  shipping boxes.

- they act as a distributor and offers discounts to retailers who purchase
  in bulk. Before you try to open a merchant account with them, be ready to
  make purchases in terms of (tens of) thousands of dollars in a single
  purchase, by the case.


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