Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:24:33 -0700

>To those who are interested the second stage of the re-release of
>Morinaga Choco snack mini MS will hit the stores before the end of this
>month (150yen each).
>The MS are: Gundam, Gun Tank, Zaku II, Char's Gelgoog, Zock, Agg,
>Aggugai, Psycommu testbed Zaku, High mobility experimental Zaku(?) ,
>Johnny Ridden's Zaku R2, Prototype Dom
>The Information is sourced from the May issue of Hobby Japan so there
>may be some accompanying pics.

I thought they appeared in the April issue of either HJ or Dengeki Hobby,
at least what the packaging looked like. Are these regional exclusives?
I *still* haven't seen any of the first series in the local Japanese grocery
stores/supermarkets, and they stock Morinaga items.


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