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Nightingale wrote:

> And Tet, I wonder if u came across a new Banpresto toy
> called 'Gundam Bazooka' - a battery operated SD-ized
> RX-78 or Char's Zaku figurine holding a bazooka on
> right shoulder which can shout short sentence like
> 'Die! Die!' in Japanese. I saw them in Hong Kong, and
> from the box cover they don't seem to suggest anything
> other than one short sentence capability, as well as
> who's behind the voices (I am hoping Toru Furuya and
> Shuichi Ikeda, of course :) so I'm hesitated to part
> my money to get one of these... Thanks for helping me
> out!
> Nightingale.

In case you didn't know, almost all Banpresto toys are only available in
Japan as arcade prizes and from vending game machines. I have always
wondered why/how come they are sold through retail outlets in Hong
Kong...ofcourse there are stores in Japan that collect and sell these
items to collectors as well but...

Anyway, I assume these are what you are talking about:

Front view


Banpresto used to have detailed info about these items at their website
when they were first released but unfortunately they don't maintain an
archive of old products. This particular product was a prize in the 'UFO
Catcher' crane game. These things are actually stamps and not 'toys' so
you have a legitimate reason for keeping them at your workplace : )
From what I read, the voice is activated when you load the stamp part
into the bazooka .

The stamp itself is compatible with Shachihata X Stamper Name 9

There are quite a few of these on auction at Yahoo Japan but I wasn't
able to find out for sure if these Gundam Bazooka 'stamps' use the actual
voice actors.

As you surmised each figure is only capable of one short phrase:
Gundam - 'Ochiro, Ochiro, Ochiro' - literary drop or go down, die

Char's Zaku 'Mitometaku nai mono dana...' - I do not want to accept it,
or I do not want to acknowledge it etc...

Char's one is an incomplete famous quote from the early episodes after
his failure to stop the White Base and Gundam.

'Mitometaku nai mono dana ...wakasa yue no ayamachi to iu mono o' which
means he does not really want to accept his own youthful exuberance.

The Char Zaku stamp will come in handy for putting the final seal on loan
agreements etc... : )

If I have to guess, I would think the voices are that of the real voice
actors, simply because both are actual lines from the TV series.

If you are a skilled crane game player then you can get both of these
things for a couple of hundred yen. At the moment they seem to be going
for about 700-1000yen each at auction and special retail outlets.

I hope this has been of some help


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