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> Well, a couple of the kits behind him have Macross logos on the, I
> think I see what could be an Iria figure from Zeram, and the boxes on
> the top shelve behind him look an awful lot like some sort of robot
> kit. I am not sure what any of this has to do with anything, but I
> always liked these "Where's Waldo?" type games.

well, for so many different kits on such a small space, it would mean that
they really don't keep a stock of everything, maybe only things that sells
fast. I should know, I used to have a small computer shop and I only keep
those things that would sell fast like memory, hard disk, and casisngs. if
there is an order for say other brands of monitors or sound cards, I could
get them in an hour or two upon placement of the order from my suppliers or
other shops I have an agreement with. I think that's how HLJ does their
business. it keeps the cost down of having a big place for stock, and it
lowers the possible losses on stocks that won't sell.

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