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> I'm not too familiar with the SD/Musha series but I
> was able to find out that the Musha Gerbera Gundam
> actually piloted by 'Char' or rather ˈ pronounced

> 'sha a' in Japanese. I have no idea as to what he
> looks like in the Musha world and am waiting with
> interest for the pics of the figure.
> Also notice that the Heero figure that comes with
> the Musha Blue Destiny Unit 3 is actually pronounced

> 'hi iro' and is also different to the 'real' Heero
> Yuy figure that comes with the Wing Zero Custom.

That's true, but don't forget that almost all the
Gundam related terms in SD universe are Kanji-ized,
e.g., the name Gundam is known as "Gun-Dam-Mu" and its
written in Kanji (too lazy to included them here but I
guess you get the idea ^_^;) When I looked at Musha
Blue's picture with 'Hi iro' the pilot figurine, it
looks almost 100% identical to Heero Yuy, so you are
right, even the charas also have alternated Kanji-ized

Maybe it's a new twist with previously unknown 'SD
Gundams' piloted by familiar faces like Char and
Heero. After all, not_all_the fans know Cima from
0083, let alone Yu Kajima from Blue Destiny :)

And Tet, I wonder if u came across a new Banpresto toy
called 'Gundam Bazooka' - a battery operated SD-ized
RX-78 or Char's Zaku figurine holding a bazooka on
right shoulder which can shout short sentence like
'Die! Die!' in Japanese. I saw them in Hong Kong, and
from the box cover they don't seem to suggest anything
other than one short sentence capability, as well as
who's behind the voices (I am hoping Toru Furuya and
Shuichi Ikeda, of course :) so I'm hesitated to part
my money to get one of these... Thanks for helping me


> Musha Blue Destiny Unit 3 - Hi iro
> Wing Zero Custom - Heero Yuy
> So I guess this new line of unusual Musha mobile
> suits are indeed piloted by the included figures in
> the actual Musha Gundam medium.

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