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Nightingale wrote:

> Nice work, Tet! :)
> One thing unusual about the BB Musha releases:
> beginning with BB#205 Musha Blue Gundam, it seems that
> Bandai's doing a little twist with some musha models.
> Instead of releasing musha-ized regular MS, the new
> ones some some interesting disguises via body parts,
> different colours, and even a little smoke screen with
> unexpected bonus pilot figures. e.g.:
> BB#205 "Musha Blue Gundam": the MS is based on
> RX-79BD-3 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 3 (from the "Blue
> Destiny" video game), but its bonus pilot miniature is
> Heero Yuy (?!)
> BB#206 "Musha Gerbera Gundam": the MS is based on
> retocon RX-78GP-04 Gundam Gerbera, but it was painted
> in red (to symbolize Char's Gundam? I know, i know,
> red is for Gerbera Tetra) instead of regular Gundam
> colors, and its bonus pilot miniature is, you got it,
> Char! (?!?)
> I don't follow much on the lastest of SD/musha's
> evolution on TV or comics, so I wonder if these could
> be already featured in these medium, or just brand new
> gimmicks for models only. Any ideas?

I'm not too familiar with the SD/Musha series but I was able to find out that the Musha
Gerbera Gundam is actually piloted by 'Char' or rather ˈ pronounced 'sha a' in
Japanese. I have no idea as to what he looks like in the Musha world and am waiting
with interest for the pics of the figure.

Also notice that the Heero figure that comes with the Musha Blue Destiny Unit 3 is
actually F pronounced 'hi iro' and is also different to the 'real' Heero Yuy figure
that comes with the Wing Zero Custom.

Musha Blue Destiny Unit 3 - Hi iro

Wing Zero Custom - Heero Yuy

So I guess this new line of unusual Musha mobile suits are indeed piloted by the
included figures in the actual Musha Gundam medium.


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