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At 21:37 4/15/2000, you wrote:
>I am using Netscape 6 and I noticed it has a translation feature. It
seems to
>have every language, even Japanese. It can translate Japanese pages into
>English. It works ok, its about at the level of the Translingo translation

The real test of translation software is how well it "round trips" --
translate something from Language A to Language B, then translate the
resulting Language B text back to Language A. The results are usually
hilarious, do to ambiguity or multiple meanings of individual words.

>Now to the not so great, it is a Preview release, so therefore the final
>version should be a lot better. Its very stable for a Preview Release, but
>still has some bugs, which is to be expected, since its a Preview
release. It
>hasn't messed up my system at all, so its not major bugs. IE is still
>but anything could be added and/or changed before Netscape 6's final release.

We had Netscape 6 for all of a few hours, then spent the better part of the
day trying to get it off our computer, as there was no Uninstall program
included and it installed pieces of itself literally everywhere. A beta or
"Preview" without a "restore-to-before" routine is a Bad Bad Thing.

Why did we blitz it? Well, the interface -- which seems to have been
lifted bodily from Neoplanet -- is incredibly cluttered, making it
difficult to do simple, everyday things like navigate, download and
upload. It was also very, VERY slow -- it took 45 seconds to open, then 15
seconds to load a typical Web page that comes up in 5 seconds under IE or
Netscape Navigator 4.

As to the translation feature, all they did was make a behind-the-scenes
link to one of the on-line translation sites, much the way the What's
Related and Search features actually call in Alexis.


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