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> Since I'll probably be getting Gundam: Girens Greed for the
> I want to know if the Japanese Dreamcast Browser Software (which will be
> bound to be included in Giren's Greed as opposed to the American browser)
> works with the American Dreamcast Modem and dial up information?

    If I am guessing correctly, you probably cannot "register" with that,
since most of the game that use the Japanese modem (like Sega GT, KOF '99
and Shue Mue I had) won't let you save the dialin numbers and stuff (you can
change the information in memory, but you cannot add them). You would have
to use the Dreamcast Passport (Japanese version of browser disk) or
Dreamcast Passport 2 (the newer version. Version 3 is supposed to be out in
summer) to register those information. However, the program would always
dial into Japan to register. I think in late last year, Sega made it so the
server won't accept any international call, which mean you cannot register
any Dreamcast machine outside Japan. Unless they made changes to Dreamcast
Passport 3, which is unlikely, the only way to make a Dreamcast able to save
the dialin information is to use a swap trick or install the mod chip and
use the US browser to register. I had to do it like this in order to make my
Asian Dreamcast able to use the net function...

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