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> Did you know that Gundam has been translated into 6 different languages
> and dialets? I think it might be interesting to compile a list of
> international releases of the Gundam shows. It's already a pretty
> impressive achievement for Gundam.
> I know about only a few countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea,
> Philippines, Italy, and USA. And even incomplete information at those...

yup, Gundam Wing and G Gundam were shown last year here in the Philippines
dubbed in the local language, Filipino. although you'll hate the dub
because they changed the names of the mobile suits except for the Wing, Wing
Zero, Tallgeese, and the mass production suits in Wing. they also changed
some of the character names. and the worst part, at some point of the show
they had the correct names. but otherwise the dubbing was okay, hey, who am
I to complain, I got to watch it for free.

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