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Yeah, but in Italy we had the rights. In facts, we cannot broadcast it
any longer. Actually sone local TV stations still transmit it. wrote:
> Did you know that Gundam has been translated into 6 different languages
> and dialets? I think it might be interesting to compile a list of
> international releases of the Gundam shows. It's already a pretty
> impressive achievement for Gundam.
> I know about only a few countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea,
> Philippines, Italy, and USA. And even incomplete information at those...
> Go to
> to check out what I've compiled already and
> How about UK, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries?
> If you have any info about TV or cable broadcast or video release in any
> language or any country, please email me privately or use the form in the
> said page.
> Thanks a lot!
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Once I was someone so in love that I followed a woman who ripped out my
heart, leaving me jaded and hollowed. I have made new friends but they
don't fill the void. Their words of comfort only leave me annoyed. How
can one so small cast a spell so strong? Why do I love her still and how
Before I can close my eyes and not see my wonderful angel, my muse, my
beauty. Such horrible deeds she has visited my way yet the wrongdoings
seem X-Mozilla-Status: 0009f the day. My heart has been stabbed so much
it no longer bleeds. With a mind of it's own it knows what it need. An
end to the pain though there's one on sight. Tormented again and alone
every nite.
No matter who else is with me I am always alone my soul has been taken
right down to the bone.

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