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Sat, 15 Apr 2000 13:08:47 -0400

Doing this from Memory not official or anything... everyone
feel free to chime in with something official...

Ok, 0080, 0083, and the three Original series Movies are out.

Gundam Wing is coming out in May, and sometime soon after,
the 08th MS team is coming out from Anime Village as well.

The Whole original series is supposed to be coming out next
year to show on Cartoon Network, and then do the Video or
DVD thing afterwards...

The really after that its supposed to be Zeta, and what not in
sucessively further years from now...

Somebody wrote the schedule to the list many moons ago if
only the List Archives were more searcheable, I'm sure that
it would be easy to find... maybe someone remembers when
it was and will be nice enough to post it...


> Anybody here know what GUndam movies and series are gonna be coming out in
> the U.S. and when. I hope it isn't what I just ordered. I am getting
> char's counterattack, f91, zeta 9-20. Also gundam X even though it isn't
> actual gundam just to check it out, since it is not in UC which is the
> David
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