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Info for all Singaporean members of the list:

Takashimaya S.C Orchard is having a Bandai Fair now. New arrivals:

Aura Battler Dunbine old 1980s series ranging from $11.90 - 64.90
Aura Battler Dunbine HG $24

Perfect Grade Z Gundam 1/60 scale $449.90

HGUC Gog $18.90

SG G-Generation 0 Wing Gundam Custom series $9.90 each
SG G-Generation 0 Gouf Custom, Gundam Mk IV, Char's Zugock $9.90 each

Other SG G-Generation 0 ranging from $7.90 to $9.50

(There was a poster stating that a free SD Mobile Armor would be given free
with every G-0 kit, while stocks last. These include the Psyco Gundam, Val
Waro, Lafreissa, etc.)

Dom. Rick Dom, Gog Paint Set

New arrivals aren't discounted. Pity.

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