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>yo guys
>check out my works gimme any comments

I really hate pop-ups, JavaScript and the whole "best viewed with" browser
bias. I hand-code my own pages to be platform, browser and language
agnostic -- 100% pure W3C-approved HTML -- for that reason, as well to
ensure that everyone can access my Web content, no matter what they're running.

But I especially hate tracking software that records my every mouse click
without my knowledge and consent. If you're going to continue to use eXTReMe
Tracking on your site, you should have a Privacy Statement up-front to tell
us what you're doing, why you're doing it and to what purposes the
collected data are to be used.

Fro those of you who didn't spot it, here's what's embedded in the GMS page:

gundam modeller singapore

URL: http://homex.s-one.net.sg/user/geraldk/
Counting since: 4 April 1999/01:40
Current report: 15 April 2000/10:38
Summary: Totals and Averages
Unique Visitors: Day|Week|Month|Hours of the Day|Days of the Week
Incl, Excl, Reloads: Day|Week|Month
Geo Tracking: Domain|Country|Continent
System Tracking: Browsers|Operating Systems|Screen Resolutions|Screen Colors
Referrer Tracking 1: Last 20:
Referrer Tracking 2: Totals: Sources|Searchengines|All Keywords|All Website

SummaryPeriod: 378 Days
Daily Unique: Totals:
Today 66 Unique Visitors 15892 - 49.03%
Yesterday 90 Visits incl. Reloads 32410
Average 42 Reloads 16518 - 50.96%
Highest Day 109 / 31 Jan, Mon, 2000 Visitors via Referrers 11370 - 71.54%
Weekly Unique: Website Referrers 167
Current Week 510 Javascript Enabled 14670 - 92.31%
Last Week 659
Average 288 Most accessed:
Highest Week 659 / Wk 14, 2000 Browser MSIE 5.0
Monthly Unique: Operating System Windows 98
Current Month 1336 Screen Resolution 800x600
Last Month 2335 Screen Color 16 Bit (65k)
Average 1222 Searchengine Lycos
Highest Month 2335 / Mar, 2000 Keyword gundam
Highest Hour of the Day 00:00 - 00:59 Domain/Country .sg / Singapore
Highest Day of the Week Sunday Continent Asia

I note that, of your last 20 visitors, only two were running Netscape
(version 4), both under Windows 98. Two more used AOL, one running AOL3
under Windows 3.1 and the other AOL4 under Windows 98. Two more were
separate visits from the same location, running Internet Explorer 5 under
Windows NT.

And so on. It's all there, if you know where and how to look.

"Shameless webpage" indeed...!


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