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> Jonathan Hales joins Episode II Development
> April 13, 2000 -- Pre-production continues on Star Wars: Episode II, with the
> script nearing completion. George Lucas has written several drafts of the
> screenplay and set the stage for the action, events and characters to be seen
> in the movie. To refine the script into its final drafts, Lucas has enlisted
> the aid of screenwriter Jonathan Hales. Hales and Lucas have had an
> association through The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Hales wrote or
> co-wrote several episodes of the critically-acclaimed television series,
> including the feature-length Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal,
> Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920, and Young Indiana Jones: Tales
> of Innocence (available on videocassette).
> Jason

Hahahaaahahaa, so George finally concedes that he needs someone around who can
actually write. My friends at ILM tell me that most of the geek artists there
are in a tizzy because "The Lord of the Rings" has gotten more web hits than
"Episode I" did, like 1.6 million vs. 1 million or something. If they end up
with Jar-Jar still in "Episode II" and Lucas manages to animate another piece of
wood to play teen-age Anakin they'll be lucky if they get 5 hits when the second
movie comes out.


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