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Emery Calame wrote:

> Thunder cats and Silver hawks aren't really anime.

True but they were animated in Japan, (like most 80s action cartoons) and both
shows have made cameo appearences in anime! no really!

A picture of Panthro from Thundercats is in the news paper in a early episode of
Bubblegum Crisis! (1 or 2 I think)

There is a Silver Hawks pinball machine in the first few minutes of Megazone 23
part 2!

The animation in some episodes of Thundercats is actually quite good... but the
acting stinks. Still I think the fantasy world presented is quite interesting. I
always hated Silver Hawks. The guy with the Guitar was no Nekki Basara, thats
for sure! ^_^

Some other American shows of note with good or decent Japanese animation are:

Galaxy Rangers I loved this show as a kid. the animation was anime quality but
the acting was worse than thundercats. I think it was animated by TMS (Same as
the best Batman episodes) I really wish Toonami would get this one.

Bionic Six Don't remember much about this one other than the animation was good
and some famous animators got their starts on it.

---Brett Jensen

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