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Fri, 14 Apr 2000 09:11:43 -0700 wrote:

> you know I hear about 50/50 on that eva issue... personally I thought that
> the last episodes were great... made me think about life, death, etc... but
> admittedly I was glad that the end of eva movies were made... definitely a
> great addition to the series...

Well actually I liked the TV ending way better than the movies. I thought EoE was
just too Gratuitous... it took the excesses of Eva just a bit too far. I think
that was Anno's intention though... I think he wanted to get even with those who
demanded a "real" ending.

> if you're talking about episode (? in the
> middle of the series with the recap of the previous angels) I thought that
> that was probably to bring viewers who had come in late up to speed... and
> it was definitely a good way to break the tension before the really crazy
> stuff started to happen in the series...

Actually what I was talking about was stuff like: The 2 minute scene of talking
were the only thing on screen is a cycling animation of the elevator platform
going up.

As for the artistic VS. cost saving merits of the last 2 episodes, I think that
is still open to debate. ^_-

Who would win in a fight, GP-01 or Eva 01? ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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