Fri, 14 Apr 2000 08:05:14 EDT

(sorry I forgot to change the Subject on the previous posting of this news)
I know this is Severely OT but I figured since everyone bashed Episode I
they would like this good news regarding Episode II from the Official Star
Wars site:

Jonathan Hales joins Episode II Development

April 13, 2000 -- Pre-production continues on Star Wars: Episode II, with the
script nearing completion. George Lucas has written several drafts of the
screenplay and set the stage for the action, events and characters to be seen
in the movie. To refine the script into its final drafts, Lucas has enlisted
the aid of screenwriter Jonathan Hales. Hales and Lucas have had an
association through The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Hales wrote or
co-wrote several episodes of the critically-acclaimed television series,
including the feature-length Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal,
Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920, and Young Indiana Jones: Tales
of Innocence (available on videocassette).


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