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> I received the payment request from
> HLJ, I send the money order and I get my order and this only takes
> a total of 2 weeks for me! Lord, what kind of items do you order
> for it to take a month! :)

The last order they took a month to fill, was nothing more than some
G-Zero SD kits and some detail parts.

> Then do not order resins from HLJ ever again. I mean, if you don't
> like their service, stop supporting them. I don't mean to be rude
> or harsh, but if you don't like something, don't use it. I do not
> order from Rainbow Ten because I do not have a credit card and I
> do not currently need one or the hassle involved with them. I must
> pay by money order. So its either use HLJ, buy the ridiculous
> prices at some import stores or do without.

I am not implying that anyone is forcing anyone to use HLJ. I am just
trying to give the original poster a balanced view. I have noticed
that both here and on RAAM, people tend to get rather worked up
whenever anyone says a disparaging word about HLJ. Often people go as
far as to start trying to explain away people's bad experiences as
though they never happened. I still use HLJ when it is the best
choice, but if someone is asking what shop they should use, I think
it does them a disservice to tell them that they should use HLJ and
ignore anything they hear about other shops, just because HLJ is the
most popular vendor.

> You have a point about limited production items. HLJ is fine for
> non limited items. Most limited run items do not interest me, so
> HLJ is fine for my needs. You said it yourself, HLJ isn't good for
> limited run resin kits, so do not use them for them, find the
> resins else where, no one is forcing you to order from HLJ.

In all fairness I should clarify, HLJ is good (at least the last time
I used them for this) as far as finding older limited production
items, provided that you are willing to wait quite some time for
them. The problem is that HLJ is not very speedy with brand new
limited production items. I feel I must reiterate, I do not think HLJ
is a bad shop, I just know from personal experience that it is not
the fastest way to get the newest kits direct from Japan. And I
believe that is the kind of information a person asking about which
shop to use, would be interested in.

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