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>Now, I am not saying that this means that "HLJ sucks!" In fact, as
>the most popular online venue for anime models it is quite
>understandable why they would have order backlogs. However, as
>someone who collects mainly resins, I can not afford to be stuck in a
>backlog while a limited production resin slips quietly through my
>fingers. When I am spending $200-$500 on a single model, I expect a
>little more priority service, than if I were ordering a $30 plastic
>kit, this is simply the kind of service that HLJ can no longer
>accommodate. Rainbow Ten on the other hand seems to have no problem
>providing this type of service, provided that it is a model listed on
>their web page (as most new resins are).
Sorry for the snip.

HLJ managed to find B-Club 0083 1/144 resin kits for me. I had to wait for
almost one year to get a Dom Tropen, but in the end I got it. For new kits
I'd suggest to buy magazines like Dengeki Hobby Magazine or Hobby Japan.
They usually have new kits info one month before the kits are for sale and
that's enough to pre-order any kit from HLJ.
Anyway, R10 is better for 'off the shelf' shopping.

About service and shipping I really cannot complain: I live in Italy and I
usually receive HLJ parcels in about two weeks since their sending notice.


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