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Nice work, Tet! :)

One thing unusual about the BB Musha releases:
beginning with BB#205 Musha Blue Gundam, it seems that
Bandai's doing a little twist with some musha models.
Instead of releasing musha-ized regular MS, the new
ones some some interesting disguises via body parts,
different colours, and even a little smoke screen with
unexpected bonus pilot figures. e.g.:

BB#205 "Musha Blue Gundam": the MS is based on
RX-79BD-3 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 3 (from the "Blue
Destiny" video game), but its bonus pilot miniature is
Heero Yuy (?!)

BB#206 "Musha Gerbera Gundam": the MS is based on
retocon RX-78GP-04 Gundam Gerbera, but it was painted
in red (to symbolize Char's Gundam? I know, i know,
red is for Gerbera Tetra) instead of regular Gundam
colors, and its bonus pilot miniature is, you got it,
Char! (?!?)

I don't follow much on the lastest of SD/musha's
evolution on TV or comics, so I wonder if these could
be already featured in these medium, or just brand new
gimmicks for models only. Any ideas?

On a few more comments,

I wish HG Rick Dias is red (Char's/later mass-pro
colour) instead of black (early mass-prod color), but
i am happy. i will buy it for sure. I also hope it'll
come with a 'Gelgoog' beam rifle which is also used by
Galbaldy beta (RD w/ Gelgoog beam rifle were shown in
later parts of TV series) but i guess not...

Interesting description from Quebeley mkII, but could
this be just HG Quebeley (white) with a new paint

SD G-Gen Gundam Ez8 has lots of gears and even a
weapon backpack to hold them. looks like a good buy at
400 yen.

BB GP-03 sounds promising, with openable platforms and
all sorts of weapons for MS Stamen, but only a CG is
shown. got to see the real thing before i decide to
parts with 1000yen.


--- Tomonaga <> wrote:
> Here are pics of the official Bandai flyer
> containing detailed info of
> the upcoming models Unfortunately not all of the
> models are/were
> finished yet at the time of print so not all final
> product pics are
> available. However there are CG and animated pics
> included for
> reference. Expect pics of final products at the
> Shizuoka Hobby Show in
> mid-May.
> The flyer pics are courtesy of Paratrick Model, a
> Japanese garage kit
> retailer.
> RX-79(G)
> Shield, Beam sabre, 180mm Cannon (Can be dismantled
> and stored in the
> back pack), Beam Rifle, Machine Gun
> RX-78 ver 1.5
> General 'overhaul', new proportion, features from PG
> Gundam, Gundam
> Hammer and Javelin,
> transformable Core fighter/Core block
> Rick Dias (Black)
> Clay bazooka, Beam pistol, Beam sabre
> Quebeley MkII
> transformable, Beam sabre, Funnel container
> FG Zaku II
> Machine gun
> SD Gundam G Generation Zero
> Wing Gundam Zero
> Shield, Twin buster rifle, Beam sabre, transformable
> Dom
> Giant bazooka, Heat sabre
> Ez-8
> Missile launcher(Can be stored in the backpack),
> Bazooka, Beam rifle(Can
> be stored in the backpack), Beam sabre, Shield
> Turn A Gundam
> Beam rifle, Shield, Gundam hammer, Beam sabre
> Zugock
> Three claw positions, Includes bonus Fanfan
> hovercraft
> Musha Gerbera Gundam
> Includes chrome parts, bonus figure of Char
> Gundam Unit 3 Dendrobium
> Folding bazooka, Beam rifle, Beam sabre, Folding
> shield
> Tet

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