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> OK, this is getting silly. I have been collecting resin kits since
> the late '80s, and plastic anime models since the mid '70s. I have
> been ordering from HLJ since '96, and have dealt with most of the
> shops that sell anime kits over the web, as well as several of the
> shops in the US, and a few shops in Japan. I can assure you that my
> criticism of HLJ is not based on ignorance of the anime model market,
> nor is it based on ignorance of HLJ's policies. As I have said
> before, HLJ once had very good service, but as their volume of
> customers has increased, the quality of service has suffered, to the
> point now where they take over a month to get you brand new items.
> Please don't regale me with another explanation of how the Japanese
> retail distribution chain works, because Japanese products are
> produced (on the average) more frequently than their American
> counterparts (mainly because the average Japanese retail store has a
> smaller storefront than the average American retail store, thus
> necessitating more frequent orders due to fewer items being kept in
> backstock). The simple fact is that many other stores have no problem
> getting you new items in around a week.

Yes, this getting very silly and it needs to stop, but I want to tell about
my good experiences with HLJ. For me, HLJ did and still does have great
service, I'll go as far to say its better then it was. You may have had bad
experiences with HLJ, but all mine have been very good. When I email them, I
usually receive a reply answering my question the next day or the day after.
HLJ has never taken a month to fill my order. So you are saying it takes a
month for all your orders to be filled from HLJ? All my orders take 1 to 2
weeks to be shipped. I pay by money order and they say it could delay my
order by two weeks, but it NEVER has. I received the payment request from
HLJ, I send the money order and I get my order and this only takes a total of
2 weeks for me! Lord, what kind of items do you order for it to take a month!

> Now, I am not saying that this means that "HLJ sucks!" In fact, as
> the most popular online venue for anime models it is quite
> understandable why they would have order backlogs. However, as
> someone who collects mainly resins, I can not afford to be stuck in a
> backlog while a limited production resin slips quietly through my
> fingers. When I am spending $200-$500 on a single model, I expect a
> little more priority service, than if I were ordering a $30 plastic
> kit, this is simply the kind of service that HLJ can no longer
> accommodate. Rainbow Ten on the other hand seems to have no problem
> providing this type of service, provided that it is a model listed on
> their web page (as most new resins are).

Then do not order resins from HLJ ever again. I mean, if you don't like their
service, stop supporting them. I don't mean to be rude or harsh, but if you
don't like something, don't use it. I do not order from Rainbow Ten because I
do not have a credit card and I do not currently need one or the hassle
involved with them. I must pay by money order. So its either use HLJ, buy the
ridiculous prices at some import stores or do without.

> Basically, HLJ is fine if what you are ordering is a plastic kit that
> is likely to be available for some time, but is just plain inadequate
> if what you are ordering is a high demand limited production item
> that will quickly disappear, quite possibly never to be seen again
> (at least at retail price, rather than inflated collector's prices).
> It all comes down to how much time you can afford to wait before
> finding out if the shop in question will be able to get the kit you
> desire. As a rule, I will receive a kit from RT before HLJ has even
> told whether or not they have the kit in stock.

You have a point about limited production items. HLJ is fine for non limited
items. Most limited run items do not interest me, so HLJ is fine for my
needs. You said it yourself, HLJ isn't good for limited run resin kits, so do
not use them for them, find the resins else where, no one is forcing you to
order from HLJ.


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