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Here are pics of the official Bandai flyer containing detailed info of
the upcoming models Unfortunately not all of the models are/were
finished yet at the time of print so not all final product pics are
available. However there are CG and animated pics included for
reference. Expect pics of final products at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in

The flyer pics are courtesy of Paratrick Model, a Japanese garage kit

Shield, Beam sabre, 180mm Cannon (Can be dismantled and stored in the
back pack), Beam Rifle, Machine Gun

RX-78 ver 1.5
General 'overhaul', new proportion, features from PG Gundam, Gundam
Hammer and Javelin,
transformable Core fighter/Core block

Rick Dias (Black)
Clay bazooka, Beam pistol, Beam sabre

Quebeley MkII
transformable, Beam sabre, Funnel container

FG Zaku II
Machine gun

SD Gundam G Generation Zero

Wing Gundam Zero
Shield, Twin buster rifle, Beam sabre, transformable

Giant bazooka, Heat sabre

Missile launcher(Can be stored in the backpack), Bazooka, Beam rifle(Can
be stored in the backpack), Beam sabre, Shield

Turn A Gundam
Beam rifle, Shield, Gundam hammer, Beam sabre

Three claw positions, Includes bonus Fanfan hovercraft

Musha Gerbera Gundam
Includes chrome parts, bonus figure of Char

Gundam Unit 3 Dendrobium
Folding bazooka, Beam rifle, Beam sabre, Folding shield


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