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> I am not sure if you are upset by the profanity or something, but I can't
> understand for the life of me why you would want someone to not tell the
> list about bad experiences with a vendor. Many of the people on this list
have an
> active interest in finding out where to get Gundam products, and just
> because you think HLJ is the hottest thing since sliced bread, that does
not make it
> sacrilegious for others to disagree.

  I do not think HLJ is the best thing since sliced bread or that its
sacrilegious to complain about HLJ, I happen to be happy with HLJ. You seem
to be taking this whole HLJ thing a little too seriousally, anyway.

> In the past HLJ had very good service, but there is no way around the fact
> that, in recent years, their service has been slipping. I have ordered
> thousands of dollars of models from HLJ, pretty much since they opened
> doors, and beyond a shadow of a doubt they are not as responsive, or prompt
> as they once were. There are a lot of shops out there, and several of them
> quite concerned with customer feedback and perception of service. There is
> no reason that someone should endure delays that they find unreasonable,
> because some people are fine with waiting a month or more for currently
> produced kits.

  For me, HLJ's service seems to be getting better and better. 3 weeks to a
month sometimes for a wait is not bad, taking what Tet said about Japanese
policies into account. I get that impression that some people are too darn
impatient and demanding! Some people have this "I want it now or else,
Mommy!" attitude and cannot wait for their new toy or model kit to arrive on
their door step.

> Each individual must choose for himself what price convenience has, and buy
> accordingly. I know people (myself included) who are happy to pay an extra
> 10% shipping charge in order to receive a kit in less than a week from
> Ten, I know yet other people who are willing to pay more than twice the
to $
> conversion rate, in order to be able to walk into a store and buy the model
> with no wait.

  BTW, Rainbow Ten ONLY accepts credit cards and I do not have one, so must
order from HLJ and am happy to do so. HLJ, even with shipping, saves me a lot
of money compared to a lot of American import shops.


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