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> > Well if you look at HLJ's website, the Endless Waltz kits are showing up
> in
> > the New Releases Section. Which means they probably reprinted them
> extremely
> > recently, which would mean that they were hard to get before. Which
> would
> > mean they should be sent soon.
> >
> > Jason
> hhhmmm...... I never recall the Gundam Wing kits being out of production. I
> mean, they have kits as far back as Char's Counterattack NOT being out of
> production. although some V Gundam kits are.

Judging from the posts, it seems that those who are unhappy with HLJ's service
are only so because they are unfamiliar with HLJ's policies and also due to not
knowing that model kitsets are only produced in batches in Japan.

An 'in production' item does not mean it is being produced daily, all year
around. It just means that they are still being built regularly in batches. How
often and how many of a particular item is produced differs according to the
company and the demand for that item. In most cases they only make one or two
batches of standard production items per year. In other cases it may be once
every couple of years.

Because of this, at any particular time there is only a finite number of items
available and once the batch is sold out, no more will be available until the
next batch is produced, whenever that may be. So an 'in production' item can
easily become unavailable for a certain stretch of time if it sells out.

HLJ has taken the time to clearly note the production status of every item they
have for sale. If it says 'spot' or 'limited' , chances are unless you
pre-ordered or ordered early the item will be sold out and it will be back
ordered and you will have to wait for the next batch. There is always a chance
that HLJ will be able to source the item from another distributor and ofcourse
it is always possible to buy the same item from another retailer who has not yet
sold out.

HLJ seems to receive about 100 new orders everyday and all orders are processed
once a day. After about 24-36 hours you will be able to see the actual
availability of each item. If you are lucky and everything you ordered is
available, then they will always ship in about a week after you order. (Right
now this is their turnaround time and personally I find this quite acceptable)

The 'problems' or 'unhappiness' arises when you order multiple items and only a
few items are available immediately. This is pretty much because of HLJ's
standing policy of minimising shipping costs to the customer. (It is ironic that
HLJ's attempt to save the customers money actually infuriates the customers.)

But if you want them to ship only the available items and don't care if you pay
more than one shipping charge for the order, then you can request this through
the order status page. You can also cancel the items that are not available if
you are not willing to wait for them. In either case they will ship the items
about a week after you ordered. Otherwise they will wait until all or almost all
the items in the original order become available before shipping. But there is
also a 2 month time limit for waiting for the others unavailable items before
they ship the available items.

If you are one of those people disappointed with HLJ and were not aware of the
above facts then you should have checked out HLJ's Faqs/shipping policy/product
availabiliy pages before you ordered.

To those who experienced problems other than the above, HLJ switched servers and
also upgraded their order system within the last couple of years and there were
a lot of problems during this period. But as far as I can tell everything is
running smoothly now and like I said above, if the items are available, then
they will ship it about a week after you place the order. So as long as you keep
in mind the Japanese production schedule and HLJ's policies you shouldn't have
any problems with them.


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