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> >I am not sure if you are upset by the profanity or something, but I can't
> >understand for the life of me why you would want someone to not tell the
> >list
> >about bad experiences with a vendor. Many of the people on this list have
> >an
> >active interest in finding out where to get Gundam products, and just
> >because
> >you think HLJ is the hottest thing since sliced bread, that does not make
> >it
> >sacrilegious for others to disagree.
> First off, I welcome any information, good or bad about vendors. That sort
> of thing is important for anyone trying to decide where to order stuff
> Second, I don't think HLJ is the hottest think since sliced bread. As I
> said in my original response, I've only placed one order with them and I
> haven't even recieved it yet (though they've shipped it and it's now in
> hands of UPS). HLJ just hasn't done anything to piss me off so far.

Thank you, I never did suggest for anyone not to go with HLJ, just
expressing my feelings towards them. I've been in the service industry for
over 15 years (dealing with general public), and I have never had an
experience like this like I had with HLJ. But because of my dealings with
them in trying the resolve situations, for instance: 3 weeks after placing
an order, the order was lost. 6 weeks go by before I decided to cancel the
initial order. Then nearly 9 months later they find the order and send it
me. I find a charge on my card, found out it was HLJ charging me for
something that I had cancelled. I tried contacting them by means of email,
telephone and written mail. But all I got were 'zero' responses, so I was
left with somethings I didn't want/need anymore. That was one of
experiences with them. I, now, haven't had any dealings with them for
nearly 2 years. That's what happened to me. They've probably changed, I'll
never know.

> Third, I could care less about profanity. The original post in this
> by "Jam Masta' Jay" had profanity in it and while I had a different
> of HLJ than he did, I had absolutely no problem with him expressing his
> views. His post (, my
> response (
> Winn Sevilla also posted a response supportive of HLJ
> ( In response to that,
> Thomas Yung posted his little rant against HLJ
> ( As I said above, I
> don't have any problem with profanity and I would encourage anyone to tell
> us about their experiences with HLJ or any other vendor.
> However, since Thomas Yung's post was in direct response to Winn
> quoting his support of HLJ, it seemed to me like Thomas Yung was taking
> his frustrations with HLJ on Winn Sevilla and, by extension, everyone on
> this mailing list with a positive view of HLJ. It just doesn't seem like
> there's any need for him to unload both barrels on us like that.

In my view, it seemed like he/she (Winn) wanted to make HLJ sound like they
were perfect thing, for that, I had to say something. If any person on this
'list' (and Winn) felt that I took it out on them personally, I would only
have to apologize for that.

Thomas Yung

> >In the past HLJ had very good service, but there is no way around the
> >that, in recent years, their service has been slipping. I have ordered
> >thousands of dollars of models from HLJ, pretty much since they opened
> >their
> >doors, and beyond a shadow of a doubt they are not as responsive, or
> >as
> >they once were. There are a lot of shops out there, and several of them
> >quite concerned with customer feedback and perception of service. There
> >no
> >reason that someone should endure delays that they find unreasonable,
> >because some people are fine with waiting a month or more for currently
> >produced kits.
> >
> >Each individual must choose for himself what price convenience has, and
> >accordingly. I know people (myself included) who are happy to pay an
> >10%
> >shipping charge in order to receive a kit in less than a week from
> >Ten,
> >I know yet other people who are willing to pay more than twice the to $
> >conversion rate, in order to be able to walk into a store and buy the
> >with no wait.
> An excellent summation of the situation.
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