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> >well, you have to understand that HLJ doesn't have a well organized
> >inventory system, and they are just a small business (just 7 people
> >the whole thing) so they really don't have actual stock in their office,
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 'Nuff said.
> Eddie


Many items we don't regularly stock (for reasons of size, cost, or low
demand) are available from our distributors and we get
them quickly when we place an order for them if a customer requests one.
Also, an item we normally stock may just be
temporarily out when you request information about stock levels. This, too,
means nothing about whether we can get it quickly
for you or not.

from this page:

like I said, they're a small business, although I think they make tons of
money. but if they really make big bucks, I think they better have more
than 7 full time staff people to handle this and deliver better service.
I'm sure they're aware how Amazon or handles their business.

also, if they have everything in their office, they could have online
inventories to determine if an item is immediately available so a customer
who is in a hurry could decide to order it. also it wouldn't take them up
to 48 hours just to post the availability of your order if they have those
at hand (unless they're still doing the whole thing manually)

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