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> > Can the 1/100 scale Gundam Epyon kit be posed in the pose that was at
> end
> > of today's episode? That pose is very cool. It is relaxed, yet
> It's possible, kinda. I just did it now with my Epyon model. I just
> remembered how cool this kit is. The pose that the kit is in is almost
> identical to the pose in the end of the episode except that the Epyon kit

> isn't able to bend at the waist as it was in the cartoon to rest it's
> on the ground. But still. I got the huge-ass beam saber in one hand and
> heat whip in the other.. I turned my blacklight on too, so all the
> clear-green parts are glowing real nice.. So beautiful. ::drool::

with enough modelling skill, you can make it pose any way you like. but
you'd have to modify a lot of parts, probably glue some and make some
positions permanent so if you're gonna do a pose, you'd have to stick to if

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