Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:13:28 -0700

>I would & could say it. About 4-5 of years ago, HLJ 'LOST' one of ny my
>Even when I resent them their email confirmation to me, they still weren't
>able to find it - can you believe that! Up until maybe 18 months, HLJ found
>that order and sent it to me - even after I had cancelled it after wainting
>around for about 4 months. So, FUCK them!! If you don't beleive me, just
>ask Gus.
>Thomas Yung

All I can say is... when HLJ first started as a one-man show, Scott was
doing a kickass job fulfilling special requests for hard-to-find, even
non-hobby items.

Nowadays... it's like "sorry, if it's not in our online catalog, we can't
get it for you." You're lucky if you even get a personal reply via e-mail.

Rainbow Ten is pretty much the same story. The guy that started it had to
leave RT to take over his family business, and now they won't do any
special request items. However, they're still doing a great job answering


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