Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:01:21 -0700

>I would recommend http://www.legendshobbies.com/index.htm to get those
>Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Models.

They're out of stock on all 1/100 scale kits, and only have some 1/144
scale ones left. Regular Wing series kits are almost all gone (as of
tonight, only 2 1/144 Epyon kits were all that's left, they might have
some more in the warehouse, but not a whole lot), and they don't know when
these will be restocked.

>I would recommend http://www.wbs.ne.jp/bt/models/english/index.html to get
>those MG you are looking for but this site is in Japan so it will be
>necessary to add shipping cost. If you are ordering a lot of MG models it
>would be cheaper than Legends Toys & Hobbies even plus shipping!

Be sure you order at least 3,000 yen's worth of merchandise, otherwise
they'll charge you an additional fee for handling.


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