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> Can the 1/100 scale Gundam Epyon kit be posed in the pose that was at the
> of today's episode? That pose is very cool. It is relaxed, yet menacing.

    It's possible, kinda. I just did it now with my Epyon model. I just
remembered how cool this kit is. The pose that the kit is in is almost
identical to the pose in the end of the episode except that the Epyon kit
isn't able to bend at the waist as it was in the cartoon to rest it's hands
on the ground. But still. I got the huge-ass beam saber in one hand and the
heat whip in the other.. I turned my blacklight on too, so all the
clear-green parts are glowing real nice.. So beautiful. ::drool::
> BTW, all the Bandai GW kits appear to be reissued, as all are listed under
> HLJ's Future Releases list. Are the Japanese ones that hard to find? It
> doesn't seem that way, as almost every import store seems to have them in
> stock. I take it GW is in demand in Japan, again?
> Aaron


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