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> I have never had a bad experince with HLJ, all my items always arrive in
> timely manner. I have no idea why a lot of people hate HLJ, they have the

> best prices for stuff and are fast. Keep in mind the higher the demand,
> more likely something will be back ordered. Besides, GW kits are in HUGE
> demand due to it being on US TV.

not only in the US, last year GWing was aired here in the Philippines just
in time for summer. suddenly there was a high demand for kits which
modellers usually were the only buyers. by the second run of the series
(they ran it daily for 3 or 4 times) you'd be lucky to see a Wing kit
anywhere, and if you see one you like you'd better buy it or someone else
will within a matter of hours. no time for thinking twice, just go buy it.
now the supply has returned to normal, lots of Wing kits everywhere.

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