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Let me say first that I don't consider three weeks a particularly long wait,
but I know exactly what you mean, because HLJ appears to take a minimum of
month to process any order! My last order from HLJ showed up 2 months after
was ordered, and didn't have all the items (these were all brand new,
in production items). So I canceled some of the items, and ordered them from
Rainbow Ten, and guess what? I had the items I ordered from Rainbow Ten in
than a week! As a matter of fact, everything I have ever ordered from RT has
made it into my hands in under a week, even during the Christmas rush.

My standard procedure now days, is to first check if RT has an item, if they
order from them, if they do not, order it from HLJ. Don't get me wrong, I
ordered tons of stuff from HLJ over the years, and they have found me many
I was quite happy to get. I would certainly not say that I hate HLJ, but now
days their turnaround time certainly leaves a lot to be desired. At this
HLJ falls into the "well no one else seems to carry it, so let's see if HLJ
get one." category.

In case you don't know about RT their URL is


But I should warn you that their shipping is a bit more expensive than HLJ
(though that is more than worth it to receive a kit in less than a week),
their web page sucks.

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> Hey folks,
> Let me start off by saying this: HLJ SUCKS ASS!!!!!
> I feel better now.
> Anyhow, I'm really getting pissed off at HLJ, because I ordered some
> kits (Four 1/100 scale Endless Waltz Kits BTW)about 3 weeks ago, and all
> four of them are still on backorder! My question is, What is the best site
> to order Gundam Kits from?
> Also, Does anyone out there have anyway of getting a MASTER GRADE Gundam
> RX-78 NT-1 Alex? I'm really, really, really (Did I mention really?) want
> one.
> later,
> -Jay
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