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Jam Masta' Jay wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Let me start off by saying this: HLJ SUCKS ASS!!!!!
> I feel better now.
> Anyhow, I'm really getting pissed off at HLJ, because I ordered some Gundam
> kits (Four 1/100 scale Endless Waltz Kits BTW)about 3 weeks ago, and all
> four of them are still on backorder! My question is, What is the best site
> to order Gundam Kits from?
> Also, Does anyone out there have anyway of getting a MASTER GRADE Gundam
> RX-78 NT-1 Alex? I'm really, really, really (Did I mention really?) want
> one.

I wouldn't say that.
HLJ's got a good reputation getting the good on time.

The reason why ur orders are in back order status is because there are really
no stocks of them in japan now.
HLJ gets their stuff from japan directly, and u should know how japanese fans
infest models and such.

so give them a chance and wait.
it's worth it.

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