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Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:49:58 MST

>Hey folks,
>Let me start off by saying this: HLJ SUCKS ASS!!!!!
>I feel better now.
>Anyhow, I'm really getting pissed off at HLJ, because I ordered some Gundam
>kits (Four 1/100 scale Endless Waltz Kits BTW)about 3 weeks ago, and all
>four of them are still on backorder! My question is, What is the best site
>to order Gundam Kits from?

About two weeks ago, I ordered some stuff from HLJ (this was my first order
from them). Their response e-mail listed one of the item's I'd ordered
incorrectly (said MG MS-06S rather than the MG MS-06F/J) but I was able to
get on their website and change it, no sweat.

Today I got an e-mail saying three of the five items had shipped. The other
two (a book and a Tallgeese model) were listed as backordered when I ordered
them, so I'm not overly disapointed. It was a very positive experience,

I'm not all that astonished that it seems to be easier to get MG UC stuff
than the Endless Waltz kits.

>Also, Does anyone out there have anyway of getting a MASTER GRADE Gundam
>RX-78 NT-1 Alex? I'm really, really, really (Did I mention really?) want

The Alex is my favorite gundam type too. Mainly because it seems less
flashy than most (plus the add on armor and pop up tribarrels are just plain

Only place I know of is HLJ. You might have more luck with the MG UC
models, since it seems like Bandai consistantly keeps them in production.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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