Wed, 12 Apr 2000 20:48:23 EDT

I would recommend to get those
Endless Waltz Gundam Wing Models.

I would recommend to get
those MG you are looking for but this site is in Japan so it will be
necessary to add shipping cost. If you are ordering a lot of MG models it
would be cheaper than Legends Toys & Hobbies even plus shipping!


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<< Hey folks,
 Let me start off by saying this: HLJ SUCKS ASS!!!!!
 I feel better now.
 Anyhow, I'm really getting pissed off at HLJ, because I ordered some Gundam
 kits (Four 1/100 scale Endless Waltz Kits BTW)about 3 weeks ago, and all
 four of them are still on backorder! My question is, What is the best site
 to order Gundam Kits from?
 Also, Does anyone out there have anyway of getting a MASTER GRADE Gundam
 RX-78 NT-1 Alex? I'm really, really, really (Did I mention really?) want
 -Jay >>

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