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Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:17:27 -0400

> Gundam Design Works (b&w production design sketches)

Ok Alfred decide now, is Kunio Ohkawara one of your favorite
designers, say up with Katoki? Since they are design sketches I
have mixed emotions about the designs here, some are silly, some
are really cool, the 08th MS team designs were cool, the F90, F91
G Gundam, Original Series, Gundam, and Wing were all more or
less subjective to me, the Z stuff all looks like Layzner, and Votoms
oh and there was this Pre-Gundam Super Robot thing that had a
lot of the Gundam designs from Before Gundam was out... Daitarn
something.... anyways depending on what you'll pay for it, and how
much you like the series inside its really up to you. I'll tell you its
not my favorite book in my collection, the only section I like is the
08th MS team, while I'm a diehard lover of the F90 design, the
design sketches look exactly like the finished product so it doesn't


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