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> WOW! That looks really cool. Somebody's got to bring it to the US!

Yes, I know. EX said its staff has people from Batman: The Animated Series.
That would give it an even better recognition factor in the US. This reminds
me yet again of how many anime series there are out there, that deserve to be
put onto TV.

  A video release is fine, but I don't want to have to buy a whole anime
series everytime I see a US anime release that interests me, because of the
fact it is usually a video only release. I 0080 and 0083 because they where
not on TV. Now, if they would have been shown on TV, I would have recorded
0080 and 0083 off of TV and would have only bought 0083, since I didn't like
0080 that well. I do buy a anime series I like even if its on TV, but not
every series would interest enough to justify a purchase. For GW, I will get
the DVD's for two reasons: 1. Hope of extras on them and 2. I want the
original Openings and Endings!

  If a anime series is going to be released, since a subbed versions not
likely to do well except for die hard anime fans, they should release in its
original state and only dub the character dialogue, leave everything else
alone, espically the Openings and Endings. To avoid editing, they should put
an anime series in it apporite time slot. The did a very good job for GW. If
they must edit stuff, that is fine, as long as they will show an uncut
version later or at midnight WITH the original Opening and Endings.

  I feel that GW should have not been edited at all, but it seems a general
lack of knowledge of the Japanese culture in America, forces censors to
enforce strict censorship rules. Though I fine it ironic that America is
supposed to be a "free" country and that a "free" country shouldn't have to
have any censorship rules.

   I am 20, but I remember Voltron and vaguelly Robotech and saw Gigantor on
Sci-Fi when it was being rerun. I have read on various sites, that around the
70's-80's, a lot of anime was Amercanzied and put on TV, namely that Force
Five programming block. I was born in 79, so was Force Five on before I was
born? My point is, isn't it time for another anime flood on US TV? Toonami
needs to get some new anime to replace Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, and
Thundecats. Toonami could run an anime series and then show another new anime
series in place of it, etc. Unlike Japan, it seems every US TV series cartoon
or not, is rerun to death. The series ends, then a another station gets it
and it is rerun several times and no longer shown, then another, and then

Why can't they just make a widely avaiable Anime channel? There's a mother
load of old and new anime that could be put on this Anime channel, so its not
due to a lack of content! :) Anime is still a virtually untapped source of
content. I get the impression that even if its as good Gundam or Escaflowne,
animation is still looked upon is that animation is for kids only, by a
majority of American people. If we can get people to let go of this idea,
maybe anime would be easier to accept in America. There's so many different
genre's of anime, that every American could find anime or two or three that
they like.


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