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Jim Dulhunty wrote:
> Growing up in Australia you're pretty much bombarded with the "Legend of
> the ANZACS". Not really in a gung-ho kinda way, more a 'getting the job
> done in the face of adversity' with a healthy dose of 'look how the poms
> shafted us again' thrown in. The highest and lowest points for Australians
> in the war, the ligh horse charge that took Beersheba and the cluster-****
> at Gallipoli, spawned their own movie industry.

Well at least ANZACS advanced to midgame at Gallipoli. There was nothing
positive about Dieppe, a 9 hours disaster. It's like being checkmated in
9 moves.

Perhaps it's the 'look how the poms shafted us again' that 'defined'
Canada. It's the final realization that Canada should no longer defer to
Britian but should instead respect and suspect Britian as an ally.

Which leads to another thought in a Gundam Gallipoli/Dieppe. The
consequence of this story should be the alienation of a small but
significant fraction. How about using Side 6 or Von Braun City conscripts
as ANZACS? That would be a good story to lead to Side 6's declaration of
neutrality or Von Braun/Anaheim Electronic's less than 100% loyalty during

> Don't sue me, it isn't my theory, just one of those things you can't
> help picking up doing history here.

heh, that's ok. We are used to having 3 different versions of the same
history depending on which province you are in.

> And yes, I have heard of Dieppe.

Doh! Jim: 1, Core: 0 :)

> Another one where lots of people get thrown away because of poor
> planning and shithouse support.

It's a little worst than that. It's not a random case of poor planning
and support, somehow these poor planning always coincides with the
colonist troops (you know what I mean). What really sting was that the
Canadian regiments have had no action (guess why?) until then and the
Canadians have been begging to fight for their Queen and country. So part
of the reason for Dieppe was to create an artificial campaign for the
whiny Canucks.

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