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>1. During the 1YW, which Sides were allied with the Federation, which were
>allied with Zeon, and which were neutral?

Although Side 3 had sympathizers in all of the other Sides, they were the
only Side to break with Earth. Side 6 declared itself neutral when war
broke out, but it was never targeted by Side 3 and there's always been a
strong hint that it's neutrality was pre-arranged, to give Side 3 a
go-between with Earth. It was rife with spies from both sides and both
sides used it as a testing ground, Zeon with its Flanagan Agency to develop
Newtypes and Earth with its Gundam G-4 (NT-1) Test Squadron.

>2. How widely-known was Amuro's age during the 1YW? Did fed grunts and
>civilians know he was only 15?

On the one hand, the Federation played up the White Base and Gundam
victories; on the other hand, it downplayed the crew. Amuro was
semi-famous as the pilot of Gundam, but he was just a name and sometimes
not even that, just the Gundam Pilot, reputed to be a Newtype. No one
seems to be aware that he's the son of the Gundam's chief designer, for
example, and everyone is surprised by his youth, although that's true of
the entire White Base crew, the eldest of whom is 19-year-old Bright
Noah. (On the Zeon side, Char was only 20, although it's suggested that he
lied about his age to get into the Zeon military academy as is thus
"officially" 22)


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