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> Can anyone give me a run down of the Gundam Wing CD's that exist
>including singals/Endless Waltz stuff)? I'm specifically looking for the CD
>that contains the neat violin heavy background music that runs throughout

OK, here goes:

After Colony Gundam-W: Operation 1 (King KICA-251) 75 minutes - Most of the
BGM you want plus the long versions of Just Communication [Two-Mix] and
It's Just Love! [Rumi Ohishi].

After Colony Gundam-W: Operation 2 (King KICA-253) 55 minutes - Each of the
Five G Boys get their own theme song: Cry For The Dream [Hikaru Midorikawa]
(Heero Yuy), Good Luck & Good Bye [Toshihiko Seki] (Duo Maxwell), Clown
[Shigeru Nakahara] (Trowa Barton), I'm Your Friend [Ai Orikasa] (Quatre
Laberba Winner), Knock On Tomorrow's Door [Ryuzo Ishino] (Chang Wufei) plus
short versions of It's Just Love! [Rumi Ohishi] and Just Communication
[Two-Mix] and maybe 15 or 20 minutes of BGM.

After Colony Gundam-W: Operation 3 (King KICA-277) 65 minutes - More voice
actors get songs: Age-Old Secret [Akiko Yajima] (Relena Peacecraft), Even
If You Smile [Hikaru Midorikawa] (Heero Yuy), Brightness & Darkness [Yuri
S.] (Lady Une), It's So Alright! [Toshihiko Seki] (Duo Maxwell), Joy To My
Life [Naoko Matsui] (Dorothy Catalonia) plus short version of Rhythm
Emotion (TV Version) [Two-Mix] and at least half an hour of BGM.

After Colony Gundam-W: Operation 4 (King KICA-295) 50 minutes - Nothing BUT
songs, by just about EVERYONE: With Only My Words [Hikaru Midorikawa]
(Heero Yuy), Love Has Not Yet Cried [Akiko Yajima] (Relena Darlian), Wild
Wing [Toshihiko Seki] (Duo Maxwell), Distant Dawn [Takehito Koyasu] (Zechs
Merquise), Starry Eyes [Ai Orikasa] (Quatre Laberba Winner), Meteoric Love
[Shigeru Nakahara] (Trowa Barton), Star Soldiers [Ryotaro Okiayu] (Treize
Khushrenada), Grasp The Truth [Ryuzo Ishino] (Chang Wufei), Flying Away
[Hikaru Midorikawa] (Heero Yuy) plus long version of Rhythm Emotion [Two-Mix].

After Colony Gundam-W: Blind Target-1 (King KICA-329) 65 minutes - Chapters
1-4 of a GW "radio drama" with short version of Mind Education [Misty Eyes]
theme song and voice actor "interlude" songs: Make My Way [Shigeru
Nakahara] (Trowa Barton), It's So Alright [Toshihiko Seki] (Duo Maxwell)
and Starry Eyes [Ai Orikasa] (Quatre Laberba Winner). These are also on
Operation 3 and 4.

After Colony Gundam-W: Blind Target-2 (King KICA-338) 65 minutes: Chapters
5-8, long version of Mind Education [Misty Eyes] and the remaining G Boys:
Grasp The Truth [Ryuzo Ishino] (Chang Wufei), Flying Away [Hikaru
Midorikawa] (Heero Yuy). These are also on Operation 4.
After Colony Gundam-W: Operation S (King KICA-350) 75 minutes - BGM from
the OAV series, with both long and short versions of White Reflection

After Colony Gundam W: Endless Waltz Movie Theme Song (King KIDS-391) 20
minutes - "CD Single" with extended version, "radio edit" (long version)
and dance-mix instrumental of Last Impression [Two-Mix] plus Just
Communication II Type II [Two-Mix].

I recommend Operation 1, Operation 3 and Operation S.


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