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> Who wants a Dreamcast Gundam game? I do!! :) GW would make for a great
> to hand/shoot em up/mission based 3D game.

there was a Gundam Wing game for the Super Famicom system way back, it's a
Street Fighter-type game called Endless Duel. you can use either the Wing,
Wing Zero, Deathscythe, Shenlong, Sandrock, Heavyarms, Mercurius, Vayate or
Tallgeese. you also get to battle the Epyon in the end of a 1P game (also I
think there's a secret code so you can use the Epyon)

also, I don't think Bandai has any plans for any more alternate universe
games. maybe a change of heart because of the US release? I dunno. but
definitely they'll make more UC games, probably a Turn-A game because it's
the latest.

I personally would like a Virtua Fighter/Tekken type G Gundam game with all
the moves they have in the TV series =)

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