Tue, 11 Apr 2000 18:59:43 EDT

I would think that the majority of this list (Of course I'm just making
speculations) will see that this is just the idle talk which engages the fans
of many anime series; whether the characters therein are gay or not.... A
thing I've noticed more on the discussions of anime than any other artform.
Perhaps it is the ambiguity of the genre, being animated, and appealing to a
wider audience than most media (IE, adult, confronting the issue, or for
children, skirting or negating the issue) ...... Whether they are or not
makes little difference except to highlight the difference between our
western standards of morality and those of the producers of anime. It's
always fun to speculate on motives, intentions, etc, of the characters which
we become fond of in our entertainment, wondering what it was that the
creators meant to say.... But my point in posting this is to say, Aaron,
that I believe you involve yourself a bit too much in these small differences
between us and would better serve your point of view as it's representative
by being a bit less attacking and abrasive. The point is Gundam, and
discussing it's smaller points, right? ... But not turning them into flame
wars, which is what it seems you have a knack for starting. Everybody should
be able to say their piece without it degenerating into arguments. And while
I have found some of your comments to be informative, I'd like to suggest a
bit of discretion before taking an us vs. them mindset, as in the last month
I've seen much more conflict than I'd personally prefer. But then, it's just
my opinion :)

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