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Tue, 11 Apr 2000 17:45:42 CDT

Brett Jensen writes,

>You know what I'd like to see on your new page? I'd like to see Character
>and synopsises (Synopsi?) as well as the Mecha specs and pictures.
>To tell the truth you could probably tone down coverage of shows like
>Gundam and
>Macross, since there are already excellent pages for those series, and
>concentrate instead on more obscure shows, like: Dougram and SPT Layzner.

My thoughts exactly, though it'll be a while before I can develop that
stuff... writing up a TV series synopsis takes a LOOONNNG time. But I am
planning to do synopses for Layzner and L-Gaim... I want to do them for
Dragonar and Dougram as well, except that I don't know that much Japanese
and no one has translated/subbed either of these shows yet. Plus, Tim
Eldred already has the ultimate guide to VOTOMS in the form of the
roleplaying game, so I don't see much need to do anything more there. As
for character stuff, I want to do those as well... it's just a matter of
finding the time for all of this. :)

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